I’m Simon, and you are on Simon’s Casino Blog. All of the content on my online gambling sites are dedicated to providing valuable, impartial and useful. #1 No deposit bonus blog, daily updates, no deposit bonus offers for all casino players. Over casino bonus codes, no deposit bonus codes, free casinos.

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All of the content on my online gambling sites online gambling blog dedicated to providing valuable, impartial and useful information to all online players. Whether you are a professional gambler with years of experience, or you are new to online gambling, you will find something useful and interesting here.

This website has been focusing on online gambling blog different aspects of online gambling since A bit about myself: I started playing online inback in college. The world of online gambling was quite different back then, more rogue casinos and less gambling regulations. We have come a long way since then. However, that environment online gambling blog perfect continue reading online professional gamblers using advantage gambling techniques.

I was one of those guys. It helped me pay for college. However, after a long hiatus I returned to the online gambling scene, this time as an online gambling blog gambling blogger and as a player as well of course. For two years I blogged only on the weekends and not many people took notice.

However, over the years, my casino gambling blog gained some momentum. If you have any questions regarding online gambling please ask them in the comments section of the appropriate webpage.

Contrary to popular belief not every online casino bonus is good for the player. You have to be mindful of the playthrough requirements and wagering limitations. You can find the best casino bonuses listed heremany of them are exclusive to this website, along with a casino bonus playthrough and wagering requirement calculator. I have added sports betting, poker, super monopoly money machine and Bitcoin bonuses too, for those who are not interested in online casinos.

Free casino games section. In this section you can try out hundreds of free casino games in various categories, from more than 10 different casino software providers. No registration is required. Test your strategies and skill without risking online gambling blog money. Online online gambling blog laws — in all countries of the world: This section online gambling blog the legal status of online casino gambling, online poker, online bingo, online lottery, keno, scratch cards, online sports article source and Bitcoin gambling in all countries of the world.

Just click on your country to get a quick summary of the gambling, online gambling landscape, and for a list of gambling websites, which accept players from your country. List of Online Casinos: Depending on what kind of gambling license an online casino has, it can accept players from different countries.

Here you online gambling blog find a list of online casinos for players from any of the countries of the world. Advantage gambling, professional gambling techniques: The best advantage gambling techniques collected with tutorials, step-by-step guides, e-books, calculators and video tutorials.

Bitcoin gambling and casinos: Everything you need to know about the bitcoin gambling scene and Bitcoin casinos. Online casino software online gambling blog. Online casinos software providers: This section describes the various online casino systems and their games. You online gambling blog try out the games from these software right from your browser mobile compatible and you will find a list of online casinos, where you can play these games for real money.

Rogue casinos, sportsbooks, poker websites, bingo websites, Bitcoin casinos. Rogue online casino known cheaters and scammers collected in one place to let players know which online casinos they should avoid.

If you currently have problems with learn more here casino just a drop a comment on this page and I will help you. There is no working Roulette system. You can find it here: Make money gambling with advantage gambling methods.

There is no such thing as a working check this out. Hope your luck continues tho. Simon, Great post man. These online gambling blog some great tips, thank you.

Amazing machine and lucky as hell. Also, there is a pattern, which http://chanelhanbagsoldes.info/best-winning-online-casino-game.php to exploit. I can reassure you that there is no such pattern. You can find this slot here among other free-to-play slots: But turnkey casino games are far worse quality than the mayor casino gambling software providers and will be very hard to market such a casino.

What a great blog. We need more of this ethical approach of online Casinos. We have a dedicated page about the risks of gambling and addiction for online gambling blog individual. Our site is protected by the lastest hacker protection. We want our users who play games online to be totally focused on the game and not distracted with concerns that they could be on a site without security.

Thank you, Simon for publishing this interresting blog for us. This article of yours would help many casino novice to learn about the gambling world and guide then in chosing online casino website wisely. These are great tips. Great blog, I did not know anything about next-gen casinos. Next-gen casinos are indeed the best. The reason why they are so rare is because each casino software provider accepts players from different countries. This is a bit complicated topic, but my next-gen casino guide is online gambling blog under construction.

You will be able find the details there, will link to it here as soon as it is published. Thanks for the information. I have just started getting into gambling and trying to understand the online casino landscape and what type of online casinos there are.

This helped me a lot. Great guide, I read that roulette had worse odds than blackjack, is that true? Im trying to get the best chance of winning. More info about it on the Roulette page where you can actually try out the different Roulette games and compare the odds of each And more info about Blackjack can be found on the Blackjack page where you will find the house edge of the different online gambling blog of Blackjack compared.

I have been scammed badly the past few weeks, any way I can fight? I have to admit I have never heard of online gambling blog particular casino and I definitely do not endorse them. Also, you are article source Hong Kong and to the best of my knowledge online gambling in Hong Kong is illegal except Hong Kong Jockey Club, which holds a government-granted monopoly on all gambling activities.

The fact that a casino lets players register from a country, where online gambling is illegal is always a huge red flag. These are often rouge casinos. However, because you are from Hong Kong means that you can not do anything about this and you can not sue obliegt online blackjack reddit mittleren and you are entirely without any means of legal defense because online gambling is illegal in HK, except for the government authorized channels.

I applaud that you put your story out there and try to help as many people as you can. However, sadly you will never get your winnings, no matter the amount of bad publicity you generate for them.

Sad to online gambling blog Johny. Hi, simon nice job you did here congrats!!! I wanted to know if you could recomend me any good online casino to play online gambling blog that will pay me my wins thanks. Check out our list of rogue casinos to know which ones to avoid. This is just simply not true. There is no such exploit. Just try it out for yourself, you can play the slot here: Yes, and expensive too.

I will write a blog post about this soon. Simon would you be interested to know in a casino admitting fault with their system which means thousands could have been duped out of potential winnings? Are you aware of any law in this area also online gambling blog Is there anything users can do?

I will not name the casino until my case with them is resolved however fault has been clearly admitted. A casino can not operate without a gambling license, so if this is true I would suggest contacting issuer of their gambling license. They will investigate this and they will be able to help you further. Your blog is awesome! I finally have found a place for online gambling blog of the gambling info that I need!

I would really like you to contact me, i have a website somewhat like yours and would love to make an interview with you and publish it on our blog! I love to gamble online. I been doing this for some time now. Learn more here have to research the company before you play for money, security payouts etc.

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Online gambling blog are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your online gambling blog or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. The fairy tale called Marvel games has just ended. Casino gambling has always been popular in Australia and online gambling laws have online gambling blog quite loyal to Australian gamblers for many years. The federal laws were ambiguous allowing online gambling blog casino operators to offer interactive gambling services and take advantage of them.

However recently, legislators paid their attention to the online casino industry since online gambling blog proved to grow rapidly and be very profitable in the Land down under.

Australians spend more on gambling than people anywhere else in the world. Once upon a time, gambling was exclusively the preserve of us men-folk. Online casinos have made it much easier for people worldwide to http://chanelhanbagsoldes.info/httponline-slot-co-uk.php. This is as true for us ordinary folks as it is for famous celebrities and global megastars, and a number of high profile names have been known to be enthusiasts.

Gamblers have always been a superstitious bunch. From blowing on dice for good luck to here your lucky boxer shorts for a trip to the casino, gamblers across the world have their own quirks for luck and good fortune.

As gets online gambling blog full swing, online gamblers everywhere are dusting off the January blues and getting right back to chasing those life-changing jackpots. With more players joining online gambling blog action year on year, the jackpots on offer look like they are only getting bigger. Particularly with online slots, some of the prizes scooped up in are huge, and the three biggest game developers — Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech — have been at the heart of the action.

Today thanks to the emergence of internet and its global popularity more and more people gamble online. The more people play casino gamesthe more often the gambling addiction problems appear.

Have you online gambling blog worried if you have such a problem? Below we are offering a simple test that offers a way to establish whether you have a gambling problem. All you have to do is to answer: Do you want to know more about gambling?

If yes, below there are some interesting, sometimes unbelievable facts about this activity. To gamble or not to gamble?

That is the question that worries many people. Which of us has never dreamt of winning big by gambling? Just imagine you are spinning the reels of your favourite slot, they stop and… Hurray!

I think many of us have seen such pictures in the mind. But what do you think the odds are that your dreams come true? In fact, they are not too big! Do you like football? There are millions of football fans in the world. This is without a doubt the most popular sport game all around. Ask your question learn more here and we are guaranteed to get back to you.

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Your opinion matters to us! JavaScript online gambling blog required for this content.


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